Day two had 4 tracks - Fedora, KDE, OpenOffice, Indic Linux. I was wondering why they had put all non-technical tracks together on one day. Only KDE had technical talks(about Qt4), and I was there.

The KDE track started with a talk on "The Pillars of KDE 4" and "How to be a part of the gang", which I skipped, and started attending from the talk on "KDE4 development setup" by Pradeepto. Pradeepto's talk explained how to get KDE4 working, and went on to explain how to checkout the svn of KDE4 and start compiling and testing it. There were questions on the size of the checkout, bandwidth issues, etc. Someone in the audience crowd suggested that there could be some way to make the repo available as ISOs, which can be distributed in events. The slides are available here

Kevin Ottens talked about Qt/KDE concepts and Frameworks. It was something that covered the basic concepts of Qt, which every person starting with Qt development should know. This talk should have made the learning curve of many budding Qt developers smoother. The examples he chose were very apt to illustrate the concepts. I would savor the talk for long time. He explained when to use the 'K' classes and when to use the 'Q' classes, which I think many Qt developers learn only after making mistakes. He also introduced the audience MVC based development with Qt4. The slides of this talk are available here

One interesting talk was that of Girish, which was about Styling Qt4 with style sheets. When I used Qt 3.4, I had to include all styling information in the Qt code while instantiating each object. But with the facility to include style sheets in Qt4, this styling information can be kept aside from the functional code, which is a good practice that Trolltech has adapted from the web technologies. Lot of CSS3 like features are available in the Qt Style sheets, and it also provides cascading as in CSS. Moreover the syntax is very similar to CSS. Slides available here

Piyush Verma, a GSoCer 2007, who extended KDevelop for Python syntax highlighting support gave a talk on "Kdevelop3/4: Beyond C++.. extending the Language Base", presented a very good content. But he could have made the presentation more encouraging for new contributors to come up than bore people away by speaking in a "I know you know we both know" tone. The slides are available here

The day was satisfying with good talks on Qt (especially Qt4 and its new features).