Linux For You (LFY) magazine had asked for people's views on "What would make a Windows user pick up a Linux magazine?" to publish in the "Community Speak" column. I just sent a crappy response to it which goes like

Talking about GUI improvements and usability would make a windows user pick up a Linux magazine. For example, If the headline would be about how Xgl would give a very enhanced 3d UI would interest a windows user. Lot of my friends who were using just windows XP read about Xgl, pestered me for OpenSuSE 10.1 CDs and tried it. I find most Windows users interested in glossy, enhanced look and feel than any other criteria (atleast the non-developer community).

They replied that they'll notify me if my response gets selected among the top 5.

Yesterday I got a mail from LFY that its going to be published in the August edition. Waiting to know what an editor's work would be ;)