I've seen Amit, my classmate at Biotech dept write a lot of technical jargon in his paper, that wouldn't make the slightest sense to anyone who reads it. Its a lot advantageous in the sense, that professors would think that the guy had read too many research papers which makes him write that way. Anytime, he would go and claim that he meant the correct answer only by that jargon, and would argue it that way. Today, I had a test in Component Based Technology, where the staff had asked the questions intentionally to make us blink. I too blinked for a while and then, started writing all that I know about Distributed Computing in a form of Technical jargon, which ran for 9 sides inclusive of representative diagrams for that crap (Some models, I think were proposed by myself at the exam hall). As the subject has no single text book, I hope he would assume that I had studied all that somewhere. After writing all that, when i skimmed thru it again, it contained all the technical terms related to the topics, but the explanation was as abstract as his questions were. Technical jargon had helped me as Brahma asthra (The final weapon of rama to win the battle). Let me see if it works..