This is is my first post literally. Yes! I 've tried blogging before, but for the reason of knowing what is blogging. This is the first post that I write with the real intention of blogging. So i call it my first blog.

This is the final semester of my B.Tech(Biotech) degree, and I've got no course work. If it were before 3-4 months I would have plunged straight into my project. But now, not yet started. I recall how I was mad about research projects till before 3 months.

(Zoom! Zoom! Zoom! A wheel rotates, and we are taken 4 months to the past).

The climate at Bangalore was quite pleasant, and I would have loved to be sleeping all day in that climate. But, I enjoyed the feeling of being in the lab all day. Sit in the lab, go to mess, come back to lab, go to mess, go for a walk, go to bed, return to lab.... was my habit then. I enjoyed being inside the lab, more than roaming around in the garden city. I wonder why I did that. I could have taken up some simple project, and finished it in 4 or 5 days and very well got a certificate for a 2 months project, by simply staying there for 2 months as my colleague trainees did. A bit over-enthu, I was probably. Later, when I came back here, I was serious about doing some gr8 project for my final semester. Went crazy of doing some different project. I dont know how it all changed in the last 1 month. Now I 've started feeling that life is to be enjoyed, and what I thought was joy till a few months back is not the joy I want now.

(Zoom! Zoom! Zoom! Back to the present).

Now I seem to enjoy having a very free schedule, a light project that would be good enough to get me grades, and easy enough to finish hands down, lotsa gossips, more of orkutting, light programming for fun(games). Dunno if this opinion of joy would also change in course of time.