It rained in Chennai after a couple of years, to the extent that people who were doing 'YAGAS' for the rain to come, the previous year, started doing 'YAGAS' for the rain to stop. On a sunny day, we planned a get together of e-friends(Linux users group), and the informal meet was at mount road. It was damn hot all day, and suddenly, there was an unexpected downpour, due to which everyone was drenched when we entered the hall. It was raining all through for 2 hours, and finally, the rain stopped and we planned to leave. When myself, and two of my friends were returning to the bus stand, we noticed that the road was full of dirty looking fresh water[;)]. We took to other road which was dry, to go to the bus stand. Later, we wondered, what we would have done if we were 7 or 8 yrs old. We would have preferred to go slashing all the water and getting ourselves wet. Where did all that life we lived for our soul go? Why do we care for our pants than our soul? TRUE!! CHANGE IS THE ONLY THING THAT IS UNCHANGEABLE!!